Jini Cowan Steps Back Onto The DJ Decks


We caught up with DJ & Producer Jini Cowan as she has been making a strong impact working her way deep into the underground music scene. She’s already gained support from some of the biggest names in the scene.

Reigning from Manchester, she has made a name for herself around town and surrounding areas. She took some time away from performing to concentrate on her own productions which are sounding on point, but she’s now back on the decks for this year.

Let’s start with speaking about what’s been going on the last 4 months for your productions?

I took a couple of years away from DJ’ing to really work on my production. Over those two years I slowly started to find a sound I liked. I also decided to start working on an album which is still in the process at present. The tunes I have done have been getting some great support from many of the bigger DJ’s like Nicole Moudaber, Reelow, Gianni Callipari to name a few.

It’s pretty amazing to see how far I’ve come in the past few years of making music. This year I will be releasing regular original and remix EPs so watch this space! I’ve also placed my most recent track with a renowned label, and one of my absolute favourites. I can’t say too much about this just yet but it’s safe to say I am completely made up!

2016 now amongst us, what can we expect for your DJ bookings?

As i mentioned earlier, I have had a break from DJ’ing but now I’m very much back in the saddle. I’ve just signed with a new management and booking agency, so expect to see me coming to a club near you very soon 🙂 I also have a few radio appearances in the next month or so, all updates can be found on my Facebook page.


How did you get yourself into the music scene?

Being a classical musician and orchestral player, I had never really experienced the sound of electronic music until i was a teenager. My mum has always been a fan of Mike Oldfield and Jean Michael Jarre. I remember I used to steal her LPs (as they were called back then) and play them on my decks in my room. I started listening to more electronic music via the radio and also youtube videos. I taught myself to DJ at the age of 16 and managed to bag my first bar residency when i was 17 and well… here I am now!

When you’re producing your tracks, how do you think of the track names that go with the finished project?

To be honest, I don’t name my tracks until after I’ve finished them. I try to imagine myself listening to them and thinking what they could represent. My latest one ‘Deliver Us’ is a dark and deep tech track, which reminded me of being in the shadows, hiding from the devil on your shoulder!

When you get into the studio, what are your first steps to producing a track?

I usually work on the kicks and bass first, then add the percussion, followed by a melody if it needs one. I tend to arrange the main 16 bar phrase as a whole. Only when I’m happy with it, will I then arrange and finish the track!

What’s your social media pages so we can keep up to date with what you’re doing?




Imagine you’re headlining Warehouse Project in Manchester and it’s completely sold out.. What would be your ending track?

George FitzGerald – Every Inch (Deetron remix)

January 7, 2016