Junction 2 | Full Review

Well where do we start?! Junction 2 you were absolutely amazing. We would even go as far as saying this was the best festival we have visited in the UK!

The setting for this festival was in Boston Manor park, with the Drumcode stage being directly underneath the M4 motorway. As we approached the entrance you could really sense a special vibe at the place. The motorway bridge really gave it an underground and purely music focused feel.


Our excitement had been building up ever since Adam Beyer released a picture on social media announcing a festival within London based purely on music and when a techno legend like Beyer makes statements like that it’s worth believing.

The Hydra stage was a large tent with an unbelievable sound system, while the London Warehouse floor was a replica of what an original warehouse rave in the 90’s must have been like. Top class from LWE.

As the crowd started to gather under the motorway, Ida Enberg went in harder and deeper. The sound system and her set brilliantly complimenting this special location left no person standing still throughout the 2 hours. Towards the end of her set she played the brilliant track ‘Higher‘ from Bicep, which is a very uplifting track to start steering towards the end of her set.

We are big fans of Bicep’s productions, and this track really gives off an upbeat, feel good vibe through its high tones and synths. Ida closed her fantastic set off with the sure to be hit of the upcoming summer, ‘Mutter’ by Konstantin Sibold. Talk about going out with a bang!

The next artist we saw was Ostgut ton signed Marcel Dettmann. A resident of the Mecca of Techno, Berghain, of many years to say we were excited would be an understatement. Dettmann played in the London Warehouse floor and really recreated a rave feel the way the older generation describe it. A dark room only lit by 3 lasers, a baseline and kickdrum so hard it felt like a second heartbeat and sweat pretty much raining from the ceiling…

He was relentless with his track selection from start to finish, sticking to a fast beat, dark techno in the higher ranges of 130bpm. We didn’t stop moving for the entire set, how could we when Dettmann so brilliantly encapsulated us into his musical world.


A few hundred meters up the path, and the crowd looking gigantic – we were buzzing. We got right amongst it from the start, which meant not having more than a few square inches to dance. Who cares when you have Alan Fitzpatrick playing beautiful uplifting build ups and breakdown’s followed by thumping drops with baselines so hard that even the security guard was dancing.

It gave off a great vibe with the acid house twist and got the crowd moving even more vigorously. What an amazing DJ who has taken the techno scene by storm in recent years and who can only be getting started. The view from the DJ booth must have been so exciting, seeing thousands of people all aligned under one of the countries busiest motorways. We really cannot give enough credit to LWE and Drumcode for the location choice.


After Fitzpatrick we decided it was time to check out one half of one of the hottest record labels out there Âme of Innervisions play a DJ set. Its hard to describe the style in which they play as it is unique to Innervisions label which they head along with Dixon.

Their set included a mix of Minimal, House, Deep house and their very distinctive inclusion of instruments. A truly wonderful experience. The Hydra floor was packed to the brim, including behind the decks, giving a boiler room style vibe.


We would like to at this stage once again thank everyone that made this experience possible, and hope with all our heart that there will be many further editions.

All in all a 10/10 day out. London’s scene is certainly on its way back up after years of hardship and closure of clubs there is promising times ahead for the rave and techno scene to thrive once more. Let’s embrace it with brilliant events like this and really put our gorgeous capital back onto the party map to compete with Amsterdam and Berlin where it firmly belongs.

Article written by Daniel Brn.

June 15, 2016