Our Review: Scenario at Watergate

A few weeks back, we spent it grooving to delicious house tunes in one of the best clubs in the world: the legendary Watergate. On show was Sebo K’s birthday bash alongside DJs Delano Smith, DJ QU, Cinthie, Woody, The Willers Brothers, Fabi Jugo & Sebo K. This city is slowly but surely moving towards the top spot in our favourite places to party!

We got to the door at midnight and were welcomed in by the sound of The Willers Brothers on the Waterfloor. The siblings Liam and Sean have also recently moved to Berlin, following on from a four-year residency which they held at the brilliant Egg London. They had previously played sets at clubs such as Space Ibiza, Ipse, Tresor and Barcelona’s Pacha to name just a few.

As was to be expected with an opening set, the dance floor was relatively empty until about 00:45, at which point it seemed that ravers were suddenly appearing by the dozens out of the middle of nowhere! The dance floor was nicely packed with a great energy being spread around it by joyous people from all over the world, while the square LED ceiling tiles were being illuminated in green, purple and red colours – providing the floor with slightly more light than was being offered through the glass façade behind the brothers on the turntables.

Once Sean brought in their first full vinyl release ‘Give Me A Minute Now’ it became very clear this was no ordinary warm up set! The room was packed to the rafters by now, and as that wet effect kick drum kicked in, along with the subtle claps nobody was left standing still, least of all us right at the front of the pack! You could really sense the pride in Sean and Liam as they were boogying just as hard behind their decks. This number is sure to light up a few more raves and then some in the future!

Liam followed this up by playing a true house classic by one of the pioneers of the scene, Dyed Soundorom, and his amazing deep house tune ‘1+1=1’. The female “oooh” vocals worked so well with that minimal house baseline, and got Liam beaming ear to ear along with pretty much everyone on the floor. The track tells a fantastic story of how the music can capture us at a party and connect people like nothing else can, which is exactly what was happening between DJ and the crowd now.

You really got a sense of how being brothers benefits their mixing immensely, as they know exactly what the other one is about to play and can therefore create a phenomenally smooth set as they seem to challenge each other to dig deeper and deeper into their records. Up next was Sean again carrying on with female vocals in Steffi’s timeless classic ‘I’m Yours’, raising the energy levels to near boiling point on the Waterfloor.

Our wish was now their command, and Cinthie could be seen dancing with the boys behind the decks. The best part of this party was that it had a great intimate feel through the vibe Liam and Sean were transmitting. They made us all feel like we were very close in more than a physical sense, and we absolutely love that feeling. Its one of the main reasons we party!

At 02:30, Liam played ‘Pool Party Music’ by Mall Grab and through the thumping deep kick drums, and the disco infused high tones along with the off beat claps got us all raising our arms in the air in admiration for the grooving brothers having it off behind the CDJs. High fives were being dished out from admiring fans left right and centre! What a fantastic record. To finish off this exquisite set and to put us on our journey into the rest of the night, Sean mixed in Kerri Chandler’s deep house number ‘Rain’. The soulful vocals were a very fitting end to three hours of a tremendous minimal infused house set.

Fellow WE_R_HOUSE selector Cinthie was up next, and boy did she lay down the grooves as soon as she placed the vinyl stabiliser on her first record. Carrying on from where the boys left off, she laid down a house groove, but infused this with some disco grooves creating a very happy, but fully energised set. We made our way to the back to express our love through the means of dancing to the incredible ‘Obd’ by Benjamin Milz.

A great minimal house track, stripped right back to the basics but delivering a far from basic baseline and the high-toned chords create an uplifting spirit sure to put one in a warming state of mind! Before we knew it 6am had arrived, and after what felt like a marathon – in which we were funnily enough still in the same position as we started 10,000 steps earlier – Cinthie closed her set with a lovely disco infused house groover, creating grins, smiles and memories across the dance floor as the morning was starting to slowly light up.

Berlin as a city seems to truly be a pioneer in the electronic music scene. With one world famous club recently being announced as a cultural space by a German court it really highlights how important this scene is to the population. With very little authoritarian interference in terms of licencing and closing hours it creates a sense of freedom we have yet to discover in any other city in the world.

The attitude of ‘we will create world class parties, come and go as you please’ has led to clubs opening for days on end at times, and supplying all the basic essentials needed for a long, and unforgettable night and day. With Watergate, it’s the chillout zone on the spree outside the Waterfloor, and the very comfortable sofas inside for the winter months. As long as you treat the venue and everybody at the party with the respect they deserve, we ensure you will love this club and this city just as much as we do!

December 18, 2017