SIDEXSIDE, Tobacco Dock | Full Article

Yet again LWE take over Tobacco Dock and the made sure it was a complete sell out. There are definitely some good memories from this event!

Carl Cox, Seth Troxler and Joris Voorn were the main hosts. As well as these huge names, each one of them brought a special bunch of guests along with them…

The Great Gallery was hosted by arguably one of the worlds most recognised DJs, Carl Cox! As well as the main man playing himself, he also brought guests with him; Jon Rundell as well as another special guest to share the moment.

Jon Rundell warmed the stage up perfectly and within 15/20 minutes the room filled up so quick as the queues outside kept flying in. Rundell, playing a mixture of house and techno tracks began warming up the stage for the big day which was yet to commence.

Carl Cox played for just over a total of 5 hours which included a 3 hour B2B set with the special guest, Nic Fanciulli. This was truly amazing… With deep melodic hits, through to heavy stoping techno… The crowd in the Great Gallery kept bouncing from start to finish!

The Car Park was hosted by another DJ who is massively recognised around the world, Seth Troxler. Since 2002, Troxler has been making an impact to the underground scene with his unique sound when he performs. As well as his own productions.

There was a mixture of sounds ranging from: Tech House, Techno, Acid house and anything in between… Troxler played a total of 7 hours which included a B2B set with Craig Richards as well as a B2B with Loco Dice.


Bas Ibellini opened the Car Park up with a perfect warm up set as well as closing the Car Park with a deep thumping house/techno set. We also caught up with Bas after his set to talk about a few things and see how his performance went…

How did both of your performances go at Tobacco Dock?

Both were incredible, I warmed up the car park from around 13:00 – 15:00 before Craig Richards and Seth Troxler b2b. I expected it to take a lot longer to fill up. We had some beautiful weather and thought people would want to be outdoors. Somehow it filled up within 30 minutes. I like keeping it dubby and breaky in the early part of the set. Sometimes I get into my disco and indie mode, but this room was more suited for some basement mind twisting.

I then closed the car park from 22:00-23:00 after Seth and Loco Dice. I had no idea what they would play so I hung around for most of their set to get an idea and to feel out the room at it’s peak. I ended up playing like a festival, house and techno crossover with a few classics. I got so into it, I was completely drenched half way through my set and thought the mixer might stop working from all the sweat. There was no chance of me using turntables at that point with my sweaty palms…

What other performances are you most looking forward to this year?

I can’t wait to play at Sunwaves in Romania, and Sonus in Croatia. Ibiza wise, I had a solid season last year playing at Circo Loco, Music On and Rumors. Lets see what this year brings! A few villa parties and I’m happy.

What is your relationship between you and Seth Troxler?

We’re pretty tight. We’re on a similar wave length. As we get older, we surround ourselves with people who push and inspire us in life. He’s definitely motivated me and hope I do the same back, to him and people around us. I’ve been playing some warm up gigs for him this year, getting into the touring game and enjoying being on the road. We’ve made some music together that we’re both playing in clubs and will put them out when it feels right!

When you’re writing music, how do you get yourself motivated before a studio session?

I generally have a routine. Usually I do some exercise as early as possible and then have a healthy breakfast before I commit to a 6-8 hour session in the studio. First thing I do is switch on all my gear, most of it is analog so it takes a bit of time to warm up and build its charm.

I’ll then listen to some non electronic music till I get the itch to want to get stuck in. I’ll get out to have dinner, then head back to the studio for an evening session and try have something bounced to listen to and improve the next day.

One of our favourite DJs, who is  another well known artist, and who is recognised around the world for both his own productions and smashing his DJ sets is Joris Voorn.

He hosted the Little Gallery which included guests, Theo Kottis, Steve Rachmad and Kölsch.

Theo Kottis kicked things off on the stage and the room managed to fill up in such a short time. Joris Voorn then stepped in from 15:00 – 16:30 to play a solo set which consisted of tech house vibes warming everybody up for all the later acts… Steve Rachmad then went B2B Joris Voorn, which followed by Joris playing for another hour by himself.

Kölsch B2B with Joris Voorn for the closing of the stage was one of the most rememberable sets from the whole event. Throughout their 2 1/2 hour set they played some of their most recognised tracks which included Joris playing his track ‘Ringo‘ as well as Kölsch playing his track ‘Cassiopeia‘. Joris even managed to drop an old school garage track (Double 99 – Ripgroove) which sent the crowd into another world!


Massive thank you to Luke Baker for the amazing photos yet again! Check out his work on his website from other events he has covered – Click Here.

What a quality event from start to finish! I’m always going to love Tobacco Dock, which is probably the best venue in London. LWE always smashes their events with amazing line ups every single time. I’m really looking forward to their Junction 2 event on Saturday 4th June with this line up…


April 11, 2016