Top 5 Tracks – Diego Infanzon

Kicking off the week, we welcome Diego Infanzon to our interview series with his Top 5 Tracks he is playing at the moment!

Diego has also released 14 tracks on the mighty Tronic record label which is out now! – PURCHASE HERE

FloorPlan – ‘Get My Mansion Ready’ (Extended Mix)

FloorPlan (Robert Hood and Lyric Hood ) are two of my heroes. His sound is so simple and pure. It’s a combinatin of house and techno from Detroit. I love the energy of this track and it always work on the dancefloor. What a beautiful sound with the organ.

Laurent Garnier & Chambray – ‘Feelin’ Good’  (Original Mix)

This track is one that fits perfectly for a closing moment at the end of your set. It leave the dancefloor with a beautiful energy. The melody will stay in your head forever. Lauren is my hero, without him, electronic music would not be the same.

Anja Schenider – ‘Seduction’ (Original Mix)

Love this Tribal Groove. I am from South America so the drums are always part of me. Perfect to start my set with some tension. Anja is one of the best people I know and has been a big supporter of my music and career. I would love to remix this track of hers one day.

Gary Beck- Pyscho Bable  (Original Mix)

Let’s go a little bit harder and faster! Funk and soul are my bases of my own music. This Tune its perfect for a peak time hour. I love the vocals and the funky bassline. Without a doubt this track will make you dance!

Carl Craig – ‘At Les’ (Christian Smith’s Hypnotica Remix)

Timeless piece of art. Just close your eyes and enjoy this. It’s one of the best records of 2010 so far. It’s one of the reasons I found out about Christian Smith and his label Tronic. I am proud to have my album on the the label. Dreams do come true if you work hard enough.

October 31, 2022