Top 5 Tracks | Gonçalo

We caught up with Ants resident DJ, Goncalo to see what is currently his Top 5 Tracks. Goncalo also plays at the Ants Halloween party this Thursday. 

Coyu – Wanna Do Right, Wanna Do Wrong [Suara]

Perfect groove and vocal, it’s a fucking masterpiece to smash any dance floor in the world!! 10/10

D.R.N.D.Y – Spirit Of Ecstasy (Original Mix) [Respekt Recordings]

I really like this track, strong beat and bass with a synth that makes you smile.

Rustek – Falcon (Original Mix) [Phobiq]

I’m a big Rustek fan – he knows how tho do proper epic tracks and this one is simply massive.

T78 – Megator (Original Mix) [Autektone Records]

Initially sounds like Spastik but the vocal makes it completely different – just for special nights!!

Raxon – The Turbulent [Cocoon Recordings]

This is an 8am track, when you’re about to go home but then you end up at the after-hours. This track changes your mood, and can be played everywhere.

October 29, 2019