Top 5 Tracks – Nick Schwenderling

Thank you Nick for featuring on our Top 5 tracks article. He also has a recent release out now with Tube & BergerLISTEN HERE

Tube & Berger, Nick Schwenderling – Work My Body

This track is an absolute banger, perfect for the climax of my sets. The combination of the vocal and the bassline is guaranteed to get the crowd dancing. It’s an incredibly fun track that will light up the dancefloor.

AALN, Nick Schwenderling – Welcome to the Future – Nick Schwenderling Remix

For me, this track is the epitome of the perfect combination of Lead Synth and Vocal. The emotional break, featuring a powerful vocal right before the drop, is something I absolutely adore. It adds an extra level of impact and intensity to the overall experience.

Monolink – Sinner – Edit

Sinner is an incredibly soulful track that resonates with its poignant and beautifully crafted lyrics, capable of deeply touching your emotions. The combination of the captivating melody further enhances this unique experience, leaving a lasting and distinct impression on the listener.

Avicii – Levels

It’s a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Avicii, who profoundly influenced me at the start of my music career. His inspirational impact on me cannot be overstated. Avicii remains a true legend, renowned for his unparalleled style of melodies that are simply unmatched in the industry.

Massano – Alone ft. breav

This track is a remarkable masterpiece within the realm of melodic techno. Massano currently serves as a significant source of inspiration for my music production. The enthralling vocal, when paired with the commanding lead melody in the drop, generates an immensely powerful impact that resonates deeply with listeners.

July 27, 2023