Top 5 Tracks – Nico Cabeza

For our latest interview on our Top 5 Tracks series, we caught up with Nico Cabeza. He also recently released an EP on VOLTALISTEN LINK

Adam Beyer – Desert Queen (Drumcode)

This is the track of the year for me. Adam in 2023 was one of the most prolific producers and this is for me one of the most powerful and beautiful tracks of the last few months. I always play it and every time it drives me crazy!!

Veerus – It’s Funky (Drumcode)

Veerus is a benchmark for me. It’s a track from his latest EP, I find it very beautiful and very effective for the tracks. The drops that Veerus creates are magical for me, and here he has outdone himself

Dynamic Forces – Mutaform (Be As One)

A track that I discovered recently. It’s that kind of techno that really makes me dance! It reminds me a lot of what I used to listen to as a kid at Ambasada Gavioli from Umek or Kanzyani. A great track!

Enrico Sangiuliano – Glitch In Time ( Ninetozero )

I never know what to say about Enrico’s tracks other than they are always perfect! Here too, a practically perfect record, that sounds amazing!!! Enrico is the pride of Italy!

Alex Stein – Hydra ( Drumcode )

Alex is a friend, and when I found out that he would finally be released on Drumcode with Hydra, I was really happy. This is one of Alex’s most beautiful tracks that I still have in my playlist!

February 1, 2024