Top 5 Tracks – Rodman

For our latest Top 5 Tracks interview series, we caught up with Rodman as he has recently released his debut EP on Mexican record label Discos Sentimiento. – BANDCAMP LINK

Pleural – Reflejo Emocional

It was very hard to find just one track from this EP. I’m a big fan of Pleural’s previous work as DJ Ranking. This time he made this beautiful and sentimental downtempo/ambient EP on the great ambient and experimental music label Antimateria Sonora.

Reflejo Emocional manages to give an uplifting but at the same time a melancholic mood on this track which I find very special. 

Tomás Urquieta – 32 Balas

This whole EP is amazing and the remixes from Rhyw, Siu Mata & Amor Satyr and re:ni are on point. However the banger here I think it’s the one that gives the name to the single. I’ve been playing this track non-stop since it was released. TraTraTrax just keeps nailing it on every release and I think this might be one of the best.

Nico & Tristan Arp – Passage 

These are two friends and amazing artists that I admire a lot, so it was really cool to see them work together in a track in which you can identify who did which part. It all blends perfectly in this dreamy percussive trip. This track is part of the latest EP by Nico on French label Grid Records.

Dubkasm – Almighty Version

Dub is one of my favourite music genres, Zamzam Sounds is one of my favourite labels and Dubkasm is one of my favourite producers, so It was very easy to choose this side B from Mighty Designer 7”. I love all the echoed atmospheric sounds around the track which accompanied by a heavy baseline, it takes you through a hypnotic dub journey.

Rodman – Marejada

At last I decided to add a track from my new EP on Discos Sentimiento. I feel that Marejada is the one that combines elements of all the other tracks and glues them together in the EP besides being the one that works with fewer elements and has less ornamentation to it.

I also liked quite a lot the percussion pattern and how the melody created by the drums mixes with the main synth melody.

March 25, 2023