Top 5 Tracks – The Second I

For our next issue of our Top 5 Tracks, we caught up with the duo, The Second I.

ArtBat – Best Of Me

The Tracks has a solid baseline and such epic Vocals in the break. It’s been giving us a drifting mood.

Vini Vici – Great Spirit

It’s a track from a different genre, but we also love psytrance. Vini Vici is a really special DJ and producer. You can just freak out to this amazing track, because it’s an absolute banger and is really uplifting.

Monolink – Sirens

We caught this track at Fusion Festival in Germany. It’s such an amazing and emotional track for us two. One moment we’ll never forget in our lives where we were more than happy. Monolink made this moment special.

Boris Brejcha – Up Down Jumper

We watched his Cercle set in such an amazing location and as this groovy track started, it caught our attention immediately. We started to dance at home and just loved the vibe of this Track!

Neelix – Come Closer

He’s also an amazing DJ and producer and we definitely love all of his tracks. We were so in love with his music and especially with this track. When we were in Thailand we went to his live experience and when this track started playing we were freaking out.

February 22, 2023