Touchdown – Calvin Clarke (Music On Festival 23)

What a weekend in Amsterdam at Meerpark for the Music on Fesitval 2023, which didn’t disappointed. Prior to the event we caught up with the Manchester based DJ/Producer, Calvin Clarke.

Q1. So, tell us where you departed from and landed into today?

Hi Guys, First off, thanks for having me here. It is a pleasure!

I have just arrived at one of my favourite places in Europe, Amsterdam straight from my hometown Manchester.

Q2. What venue are you playing tonight and who else is on the line up?

Today/Tonight, I am scheduled to perform at the Music on Fesitval here in Amsterdam followed by the official afterparty, which is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic crowd. Joining me on these lineups are several talented artists who have inspired me over the years coming through the ranks which makes it even more special for me.

Q3. Do you have any other Music On bookings for the rest of the year? (What dates and where?)

Currently, I am in the process of finalizing my bookings for the upcoming year but I can confirm that I have two Music On shows at Pacha this summer in Ibiza (Sept 22 & Oct 13) which I am super excited about!

Q4. What is one item you can’t travel without?

One item I can’t travel without is my noise cancelling headphones. As a musician, I value the importance of immersing myself in music regardless of my surroundings. These headphones not only provide me with a means to stay focused and inspired during my travels but also allow me to cut out any of the racket on my flights around the world.

Q5. Tell us your typical gig schedule – do you get to see much of the places you visit? (Where are you playing in the next coming months?)

My gig schedule varies depending on the season and the amount of time I can spend in each place. As a performer, I strive to strike a balance between my musical commitments and exploring the places I visit.

While the demands of the music industry can be intense, I make it a point to immerse myself in the local culture and experience the unique flavors of each city I perform in whilst travelling. In the upcoming months, I have performances lined up in Europe mostly such as Spain, Italy, France & More..

Q6. One thing you hate about being on the road?

One thing that is challenging about being on the road is the lack of sleep and being out of my usual day to day routine. With all the traveling and late-night performances, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy Sleep/Diet schedule, which can take a toll on my physical and mental well-being at times.

Q7. Tell us the worst / funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst on the road?

One of the funniest/Worst things that has happened to me whilst being on tour can not be told for many reasons but just know that it will not be happening again! Or maybe it will…

Q8. Finally, what new music do you have coming up in your schedule that you can tell us about?

I’m thrilled to share that I have several exciting projects in the pipeline. While I can’t reveal all the details at this moment, I can tell you that I am working on a few new EP’s that are going to make some noise in the scene this year!

May 11, 2023