Touchdown – Malikk (Paradise, Amnesia)

Last week we caught up with Malikk prior to his performance at Amnesia for Jamie Jones party Paradise.

Q1. So, tell us where you have departed from and landed into today?

My departure was from Marseille and I landed in Ibiza.

Q2. Do you have any other exciting bookings for the rest of the year (when and where?)

I’ve got some very exciting dates coming up! But the one I’m really looking forward to is at HÏ Ibiza in October for Mood Child, Sirus Hood and Manda Moor

Q3. What venue are you playing tonight?

Playing on Jamie Jones party Paradise at Amnesia, so excited to play in the club room!

Q4. How did you and Paradise come together?

My dream was always to be part of the Paradise family… so I worked in the studio and then released 2 EPs on Hot Creations and one EP on Hottrax. That’s how I got to talk to Jamie Jones about paradise…

Q5. What’s the one thing you can’t travel without?

My laptop because I like to work wherever I am!

Q6. Where will you be playing in the next few months and where are your favourite places to play?

I love playing in South America, the people are friendly, there’s a good atmosphere… and the scenery is heavenly. My booker is preparing a tour of Argentina and I can’t wait to get there. 

I also love playing in Ibiza, where you meet everyone.  I’m also playing in France, where I live, and soon I’ll be playing in Dubai, Zurich and Spain…. 

Q7. What’s the one thing you hate about being on the road?

There’s not much I hate. Except when the flights are too long.

Q8. Tell us the worst or funniest thing that happened to you while you were on the road?

During my tour in Brazil, a dog bit my leg while I was jogging on the beach!

Q9. Finally, what new music do you have in your diary that you can tell us about?

I can tell you there will be a good sound on Mood Child coming soon and some other things too!

July 4, 2023