Touchdown – Raul Rodriguez (ANTS, Ushuaïa)

For our first interview at ANTS, Ushuaïa, we caught up with resident Raul Rodriguez before his performance!

Q1. So, tell us where you are in the world today?

I’m in Ibiza, where I have lived in Ibiza since 2008. When I got here I knew that this was my place and I have stayed here since then!

Q2. Do you have any other exciting bookings for the rest of the year? (What dates and where?)

Every winter we travel to several cities, so if there is a place that I love to repeat every year it is in Budapest for the Cinematine party, I have great friends there who take great care of me well and it is a place that I like to repeat every year.

Q3. What venue are you playing tonight and who else is on the line up?

Today, Saturday, July 8th, I am playing at ANTS in Ushuaïa and will share the booth with Mele, Salome le Chat, Cloonee and Andrea Oliva.

Q4. How did the link up happen between yourselves and ANTS?

My link with ANTS comes from the relationship I have with the creator of the party, Yann Pissenem, I have been their resident DJ for 25 years.

Q5. What is one item you can’t travel without?

Backup usbs, that can never fail, without them I can’t leave home.

Q6. Tell us your typical gig schedule – do you get to see many of the places you visit? (Where are you playing in the next coming months?)

The vast majority of trips I almost always go with just enough time to rest, I don’t have much time to see infrastructures. For me the best of all is to enjoy its gastronomy, I enjoy it a lot. During the next few months, all my dates are on the island of Ibiza, which I love –  there is nothing better than playing at home.

Q7. One thing you hate about being on the road?

What I hate the most is sleeping little and long journeys. These things are always made easier with good company.

Q8. Tell us the worst / funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst on the road?

The worst thing that I have gone through on the road has been the planes with propellors – their turbulence is something that has made my heart stop more than once! And the most fun with my lifelong friends who unfortunately I no longer have close by but they are my joy to continue with this job.

Q9. Finally, what new music do you have coming up in your schedule that you can tell us about?

The truth is that I have a few new projects in mind but we will continue leaving the unknown so that everything is more surprising.

July 12, 2023