Touchdown – Risa Taniguchi

Ahead of Risa’s latest EP out now on Octopus Recordings, we caught up with her ahead of her performance over in Tokyo.

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Q1. So, tell us where you departed from and landed into today?

Tokyo to Tokyo!

Q2. Is this a one-off show, or part of a bigger tour? (If a tour, tell us where you have been so far) 

A one-off show, at a local venue in Harajuku, the center of Tokyo.

Q3. What venue are you playing tonight and who else is on the line up?

At GALAXY Harajuku, with Q’HEY, Takami, and Komatsu from REBOOT – a long-established Techno party in Tokyo

Q4. What is one item you can’t travel without?

Medicines for rhinitis. I have runny nose all the time and everywhere due to my allergies.

Q5. Tell us your typical gig schedule – do you get to see much of the places you visit?

Well, I always try and do some tourism when I am in a new city. But it’s not always that easy, even more so when you do not know the place. However, the first thing that I do when I know where I am going is look up any good wineries nearby! I love wine and try to get to some local spots in each place I visit.

Q6. One thing you hate about being on the road? 

I hate carrying heavy bags with me all the time, it makes my back pain worse than ever and I also find sleeping on planes very difficult.

Q7. Finally, tell is the worst / funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst on the road?

Not that many bad things, but one flight I was sat next to this guy who wouldn’t stop talking to me – I had never met him. I even had headphones in, and tried too politely explain that I need sleep, and can’t hear what he was saying. He continued to talk nonstop, so I had to ask to be moved to another seat. It was way too much!

July 6, 2022