An Interview With Ant Brooks

We recently caught up with English born,  now based in Los Angeles Ant Brooks.

Having already released on some of the biggest record labels and having already played all around the world, we wanted to see what else he has been up to!

Hi Ant, how are you doing mate?

I am doing great thank you! Currently relaxing in California.

Let’s start by talking about your new music, what can we expect to hear and when can we hear it?!

Next up I have a brand new commercially focused EDM project launching on 30th August when BroFAM hits Spotify with our single “Poison” which is a collaboration with Ethan Fox from the UK.

Following that in September is “Really Want U” with my production partners MASiiVO which is being released on My Digital Enemy’s “Zulu Records”. I have more 3 solo tracks to be released with Mihalis Safras’ Material Group also.

I also have an exciting collaboration coming up with America’s favourite DJ “Dj Dan” which is already in the works and sounding fantastic!

From your career so far, what’s been some of Your biggest highlights?

I have been lucky enough to headline venues around the world from South Korea to Canada and all over Europe. However there was one show in Mexico City where I played an outdoor stage to 10,000 people, thats was definitely a highlight so far!

Where do you call your ‘home’? 

I’m an English boy that likes to travel around! I guess this profession suits that life as I do get to visit many places. I’m currently spending some time relaxing with friends in beautiful California, staying in Los Angeles and enjoying the amazing weather!

When working in the studio, what keeps you motivated? 

The drive to want more from life and to always move forward. This industry moves fast and you have to adapt and be able to see trends early on in order to survive.

To anyone who hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe the sound you are producing?

Whether its house or techno I always bring a solid bass driven groove to my tracks. It has to make me dance first!

Who is the biggest artist you have remixed?

I had the pleasure of remixing Grammy Winning artist Dennis White. I was a part of the remix package for his club smash hit as Static Revenger “I Like That” ft Luciana. My remix featured on Dance Compilations all around the world.

What’s your favourite restaurant to eat at? 

I don’t have a favourite restaurant exactly but I am a big fan of Indian Curry!

If you were given 10 million pounds, what is the first thing you would do with it? 

Right now I’d give my mother a few million pounds and then invest into some property!

Away from underground music, what other Genres do you like to listen to?

I love Motown, Reggae, Disco, Soul.

Where do you get your music from for your DJ sets?

I get sent a lot of promos to my email but when going to buy the newest releases just like everyone else I always hit up Beatport and Traxsource. The go to places for Dance music downloads!

What’s your favourite plugin to use when making your synth sounds? 

I love all of the Roland Cloud stuff. It’s hard to choose just one from that collection!


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August 21, 2019