An Interview With Leonardo

We recently caught up Leonardo, a man who has kept himself secret for the last twelve months. After meeting with Alan Fitzpatrick, which led to Leonardo signing multiple tracks and joining Alan’s We Are The Brave roster.

We spoke about his new music his has coming out this year, how he got to where he is today with music, what his favourite thing is to do in his hometown, plus more…

How would you describe the sound you are currently producing? 

Evolving. This is because I’m not intentionally producing any sub genre, it’s a feeling I’m working with. Others have described it as primitive and at the same time futuristic.

Talk us through how you have got to where you are today with music? Any other projects you have had before this one now?

That’s a really broad question. I’ve been involved in music for 20 years, DJ’ing, producing and promoting parties and now running a record label. I was influenced by rave culture in my early teens and a lot happened in-between then and now and that will continue. At the moment, my focus is on developing my work ethic and being in the ebb and flow, with that natural momentum guiding my creativity.

In the past, I’d been heavily influenced by other people although at the time I hadn’t realised it. Now I feel like the music is more aligned with who I am and what the message is. It feels good to be free from directly trying to place myself in any trends. Like any, it’s a journey of hard work, commitment, love and passion.

Any forthcoming tracks / EPs which you are set to release?

Release wise the schedule for 2018 is pretty full with 2 EP’s coming out on We Are The Brave and 5 EP’s coming out on my label Etheric. All of those are 4 trackers with the focus on showing the variation in my sound with peak time, closing, warm up and ambient work included. There is a story developing in the material and the presentation reveals the deeper inspiration behind the background of the work.

Would you say social media and other platforms are key to a successful music career? 

The key to a successful music career is producing fantastic music and freedom for the artist to express themselves.

If you were stuck on an island, which has mains power only, what 5 items would you make sure you had with you?

Turntables (x2), mixer, sound system and my juicer.

Would you say that depression/anxiety is common in the music industry?

They are both common and certainly treatable.

Any exciting DJ performances coming up for yourself?

The sold-out, Alan Fitzpatrick Day’ festival in Ireland next month and Fabric (London) in April...

What does your music studio consist of? 

It’s a mixture of software and hardware, but the hardware is quite a new addition. I’m using Reason 10, there are tons of plugins available. Shop with intuition and that will help develop a personal and unique sound.

How many gigabytes of samples would you say you own?

The quality of someone’s studio is based on what is created. It’s easy to get lost in loads of plugins and samples and never really get to know them properly. I’ve never checked the size of what’s on my hard drive…

Whats your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Looking after my mind and body; exercise, nourishing food and having a laugh with mates on a night out. Put all of that into a day and I’m on cloud nine.

Quick Fire Questions

Sex or drugs? I’ve heard both together are fun…

Rap music or rock music? Neither

KFC or Mcdonalds? Neither

Football or Rugby? Football

Xbox or PlayStation? Neither

Boxing or UFC? Neither

You likely to go to the afterparty? If the vibes right

Vinyl or CDJS? Vinyl

Favourite thing to do in your hometown? Relaxing ‘me’ time with coffee and food at Southsea Coffee Shop


March 6, 2018