An Interview With Paul C & Paolo Martini

A few weeks back we caught up with the recently reunited duo, Paul C & Paolo Martini. After years of huge success they both decided to go on a solo journey, but now they are back together and have a lot of amazing music being released and scheduled.

Hi guys how are you doing?

Hi we are doing great, thanks!

So it looks like you two have teamed back up again, how long has it been since the last track you made?

Last tracks were made in late 2016, it was an EP on Snatch! Records which it was released few months later.

Would love to know what releases you two have scheduled, anything exciting you can tell us?

We recently restarted just few months ago and we have a busy schedule at the moment already!

  • The Getback (Knee Deep In Sound) // June 17th
  • Diamond Dogs (CUFF) // July 1st
  • Silver Bubble (Paul’s Boutique) // July 31st
  • Blah Blah Blah (VIVa Music) // August
  • Raysun EP (Under No Illusion) // September 9th  
  • Steve Lawler – Hocus Pocus (Paul C & Paolo Martini remix) (VIVA Music) // Later on in 2022
  • We just released an EP on ElRow Music, another one on Roush and a remix for our mate Dario D’attis

All of these has been in the Beatport charts with great feedbacks!

What has made you two team up again and why did you originally take a break?

We took a break because at that time, after working together for many years, we felt the needs to go on individually.

In a working relationship it happens that you have those up and down periods but with small compromises on the part of both you usually manage to overcome even the difficult working moments, the ones where you have a different points of views and we’re not talking about of just music…. in that period we were probably too stressed.

Why did you team up again?

Because life is too short to hold grudges and because in the musical production we work better together than individually, our synergy certainly generates better results for both of us.

How did you two first meet at the very start?

I use to run a label called ‘Ocean Dark’ around 2005 and Paul sent me a couple of demos to hear for it, the sound was very unusual and interesting at the time and this thing intrigued me. After a while we met each others and then we became friends. 

What made you originally join forces?

We wanted to create a new brand together where we can express our musical taste by striving to create a recognisable sound that can be traced back to us…in which we succeeded 😉

To someone who hasn’t heard your music, how can you describe the style you are producing?

We try to be as less banal as possible by exploiting all our musical know-how that ranges from Disco to House and Techno and trying to create songs that have energy but at the same time are not obvious; plus we like to use old samples and manipulate them into something special … it’s what and how you work it that makes the difference!

Where are you both based? 

Verona e Rovigo – Italy

Do you both share the same studio or do you work remotely?

Remotely but we meet once a month in the same studio

What does your studio setup consist of? 

DAW Logic Pro , UAD audio interface with all the plug in, Maschine MK3 , Softube Consolle One and Fader , summing all tracks with analogic Sum Adjust Junior, Speakers Focal Trio 6B plus fantastic monitors made in Italy AS29 with a sub

What is your favourite plug-in that you use on majority of your productions? 

 Universal Audio plugins one of the best for us!

June 21, 2022