An Interview With Wheats

We caught up with rising star, who’s recently just signed a mega managment deal with Toolroom, as well as being supported by some of the worlds biggest DJs… Kerri Chandler played one of Wheats tracks to 10,000 people after just receiving the USB stick… Impressing!

How did becoming a DJ/producer start?

Well it all started really for me when I was quite young peering over watching my Dad play 90s house music and from then I had a big interest in music. From around the age 13 I started messing around with music software like Fruity Loops & Ableton which was when my interest for producing started to happen. I had my first release when I was 16 and then signed my first EP when I was 17.

DJing was always something I messed around with at school but nothing ever came of it until I was 18, I played my first ever gig at a festival called ‘Mutiny‘ for a brand named ‘Love Amplified‘.

How did the signing take place with MadTech Records?

Well it all started a year back, I got asked to play at Mutiny Festival but this time in a Big Top tent. As the day passed Kerri arrived with his tour manager etc and I managed to speak to him for a little bit, he was really down to earth and seemed like he had a lot of time for anyone me. I gave him a usb filled with all my new tracks (at the time) which he then ended up listening to right there and then.

So I was pretty nervous at this point because Kerri Chandler is just about to play to 10 thousand people and he’s scrolling through your usb. He turned around to me and said I really like this track and opened his set with it (Wheats – The Start). After he finished he said I would really like it if you done something for my label and gave me an email for the A&Rs and label manger. I worked on a track with them called ‘Fate’ and it’s now the 3rd most selling track on MadTech Records!

Whats happening now with yourself and Toolroom Records? 

Recently signing to Toolroom’s management, we have a lot of stuff planned, Toolroom have a great team so I’m extreamly pleased to be working with them. I have a release next month on the ADE compilation called “Terminal” so look out for that! I cannot say to too much more for obvious reasons ha! I’d say it’s a mixture of Tech House and just straight forward House.

How would you describe your style of productions? 

I’d say it’s a mixture of Tech House and just straight forward House. Im not one that sticks to one thing, i am always experimenting with new sounds and genres.

Away from the music, what do you get up to in your free time? 

I enjoy football a lot, I have a season ticket for my home team Portsmouth FC so I try to attend to as many games as I can. Although this is away from the music but if I’m not playing on a Saturday night I try to attend as many events I can also.

September 20, 2017