An Interview With Christian Smith

This week we caught up with Christian Smith, known for his heavy stomping techno tracks, as well as running his well respected record label, Tronic Music. We spoke about WMC in Miami, what festival is the best to play techno at, plus so much more.

How was this year’s WMC conference for you?

It was very short and intense this year. I normally go for a few days, but this year I came straight from a tour in Asia to North America. Did gigs in Washington DC Thursday, Milwaukee Friday, and then flew straight with no sleep to Miami to play at Ultra. Did my gig, had a few drinks, spent some time talking to friends at Resistance, then went to Heart for an after party. Then totally exhausted on Sunday I flew back home to Europe. I did 7 gigs in 9 days. I love the adrenaline, but sometimes I bite more than I can chew and it gets rough 😉

What music can we expect to hear from you and Tronic in the next coming months?

I just had a new single out last week together with John Selway called Count Zero. John and I used to work a lot together a long time ago and it was good fun to make a single again together after working independently for a couple of years. I’m really happy with the outcome.

Other than that Tronic is on fire at the moment. 2017 was by far our biggest year and there are no signs of slowing down. We release 3 singles a month, artist albums, compilations, and also we are doing Tronic branded events worldwide.

Where are you taking the Tronic showcases this year?

We do around 2-3 Tronic branded events a month. It’s totally global. Last month we had Tronic parties in Belgium, UK, and Japan. I am currently planning 4-5 Tronic events for North America in July. And a big tour in South America end of August. Of course, we also do events during Sonar, ADE, Ibiza etc. It’s mostly a labour of love. I could of course just do gigs alone, but it’s nice to be able to give newer artists an opportunity to play gigs that they would normally not be booked for. I feel anyone that’s established a has a responsibility to help others. I try my best.

Have you ever considered producing other genres of music along your journey?

I have experienced within house, techno, electro, and ambient. All electronic music. I’m all for being experimental and thinking outside the box, but not sure if I would be good at rock n roll 😉

What festival would you say is your most favourite to play?

I really like playing in Argentina. Super passionate crowds there. It feels really nice to play gigs where the people expect you to play music they have never heard before. Im looking forward to playing at Movement in Detroit this May. I have played there a few times before and for me, it always feels special playing in Detroit.

When not working in the studio, or performing, what is your favourite thing to do?

I have a wife and two small kids. I like to spend time with them and enjoy a normal life. Touring as much as I do can get really heavy and my family gives me balance and purpose. I also like to play tennis and drink wine.

We hear you live in Palma, Mallorca and its known you are a foodie. Where is your favourite place to eat here?

Mallorca has really improved its food scene in the last 10 years. One secret place that I love is ‘Vandal’. Innovative, fresh food, at an honest price point. I really love living in Mallorca. The climate is fantastic, its safe, great culture, no traffic, and it’s more or less affordable.

When working in the studio, do you prefer to use hardware, or do you prefer to use software plugins? (What piece of hardware? What software plugin?

I like the combination of working with both. Of course it’s more fun to play with knobs of the hardware synths than to draw in automation on the sequencer, but in all honesty, you do not need hardware to make good tracks. It just takes a little longer. The plugins have become good and authentic to the original synths that one cannot hear the difference anymore. Especially if you put some nice vintage eq on it. Anyways, some of my favourite plugin brands are ‘Softtube’ ‘Soundtoys’ ‘Arturia’, and ‘UAD

When performing, what’s your favourite venue to perform in? A crowd up close? Or performing to thousands at a festival?

My favourite club in the world right now is called Crobar and it’s in Buenos Aires. It’s for around 2000 people, but the layout is really good and you are very close to the crowd. I have played there around 10 times now and it’s really insane. Every time gets better and better. Not even sure how that is possible!?

Quick fire questions

Sausages or bacon?


Favourite food?


Hip-hop or rock music?


Sex or drugs?


After party or go home?


Gym or chill?

Gym. I need to otherwise I get sick with all the travel I do. Though I would love to just chill and be a couch potato!

Sweet or savoury?







April 6, 2018