Luca De Santo ‘Requim’ EP Review

Track one – Reach Me

Early into the first track from the two-track EP track, ‘Reach Me’ makes you fully aware of the tempo of the track, 128 BPM. Only picturing thoughts of what damage the opening track could do to a dancefloor…  You know right away you are in for a hard journey into a powerful sound.

With the powerful noticeable clap at 30 seconds, it may seem a bit overpowering, which it all starts to make sense once the oriental sounding lyrics come in followed swiftly by the drop, after which the rhythm starts to come in and create tension. By now the curiosity for more of this brutal techno is building up surely and steadily.

This continues until the lyrics come again at 2:15 after which the elements get stripped back to the kick and synth before the hi-hat adds so much more suspense along with the now prominent vocals.

Once the claps are brought back into the game you just know something big, powerful and proper is going to get blown out of the speakers! Its moments like these which seem to be getting crowds crazy at large techno festivals. This tune is made for the big stages!

The drop at 3:35 slowly starts shaping ‘Reach Me’ and giving us an idea in which direction we are heading before our next collision with this ferocious production.

At 4:20 you know you are deep into it! Once again as the track starts to get stripped back, more tension is caused using the oriental vocals before the kick drum becomes as powerful as a bomb, which continues to detonate right until the last bar!

Track 2 – Requiem Original Mix

Requiem starts off with prominent, blunt with a powerful kick drum with a melody that carries you along. This is definitely the kind of track you want to be playing as an introduction to a harder techno set, to ease in the listeners.

This would play great at a big outdoor festival on a huge stage, which we could picture doing serious damage such as Loveland or Awakenings in Amsterdam

The melody is very hypnotic even while changing frequencies. It has a very soothing feel, making you feel warm inside while smiling and gently floating around the dance floor.

Once the choir sounding melody comes in you really are under the producer’s spell. The breakdown carries on with both melodies overlapping and the kick stripped of its powers. The kind of moment you just want to shut your eyes to and groove!

The second drop takes us right back into the techno direction with its louder hi-hats riding over the melodies.

All in all, such a big track which we hope we will be hearing on our festival journies once the weather starts improving and our chosen places of worship are erected for a few days in cities throughout the continent.

January 30, 2018