Music On Heads Back To Amnesia, Ibiza This Friday

Friday 18th AugustMarco Carola, John Acquaviva, Green Velvet and Marco Faraone will sketch a new chapter of Music On at Amnesia Ibiza, one of the most exciting hubs on the white island thanks to its trendy techno and underground sounds.

On the Terrace and debuting with Music On will be John Acquaviva, the DJ, producer and co-founder of Plus Eight Equity Partners, Beatport and Final Scratch. His expertise is focused on transforming sets into masterclasses of tempo and groove.

Meanwhile, Music On‘s force and soul, Marco Carola, will close the night, performing his famous musical framework though an incredible sound journey all the way to dawn.

In the Club Room, Marco Faraone will kick off the night in what will be his third appearance this season. His explosive and balanced style will welcome the veteran and master in electronic music, Green Velvet, who will take control of the booth to deliver an eclectic selection of rhythms and cuts.

“I’m very excited to go back this month to the island for Music On. Last year I also played in August and the vibe was so energetic! This month I’ll be playing in the Club Room alongside Green Velvet, another one of the legends I look up to. I think this is going to be one of the busiest nights of the summer and I can’t wait to play there again!” Marco Faraone.

On the third Friday of the summer’s most emblematic month, Music On turns up the heat to offer yet another unforgettable night.


Marco Carola

John Acquaviva


Green Velvet

Marco Faraone

August 17, 2017