Top 5 Electronic Icons from Metamatics

Respected British label Hydrogen Dukebox have at last decided to reissue some of their classic catalogue and first in the works and 19 years since it was first released, is Metamatics cult LP ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ which is being reissued complete as a special double vinyl on June 12th for the first time. 

Produced by an unsung hero of UK electronica, Lee Norris AKA Metamatics, the album served as a perfect vehicle for Norris’ unique, idiosyncratic approach to composition. A classic of its time, ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ was first released by the now defunct Swedish based Dot Records at the dawn of the Millennium and gives a fascinating insight into the mind of Metamatics, with a distinctive sound that is impossible to pigeonhole.

Proceeding the album release is the video for ‘Man-Q-Neons’ which you can watch here It was shot in one take, no edits – a dancer in a shower created by Hattie Worboys.

Underpass – John Foxx

From one of the most Seminal albums of all time…..  Big  influence on me personally and musically. I did a track with John Foxx a few years back and it was released on a 12”.


Down In The Park – Tubeway Army

I used to love this and the album “Replcas” when I was really young and it still still stands up.A dystopian electronic dream for me and everyone else… . 

Black Celebration – Depeche Mode

Love this track the best part of their musical journey for me. 

The Beekeeper’s – Apprentice David Sylvian

A Beautiful ambient record, the perfect soundtrack to fishing or just relaxing.

Stanlow – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Epic track from their second album “Organisation”….  This track was way ahead of its time and ended the side perfectly.

June 9, 2020