Top 5 Tracks – Husko

We caught up with Husko to see what he is digging as his Top 5 Tracks ahead of his release First Love on District Records out on the 29th April.

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Covid was a bit of a strange time for a lot of people. For me personally, it helped me find and understand my true sound and how I want to pursuit it.

The Shapeshifters – Second Chance (Featuring Kimberly Davis)

For me, this was the track that changed it all. Prior to 2020, I was pretty heavy on the tech-house side of things. I heard this as an unreleased track in one of The Shapeshifter’s lockdown mixes and was instantly hooked! That blend of organic sounds with such a soulful voice sold it for me and made me want to pursuit this sound myself.

The Vision – Heaven (Featuring Andreya Triana)

Pretty much the same idea as the prior track but these guys literally came out of nowhere! You can hear all those years of musical knowledge behind them in their releases and it’s something I really appreciate.

Dirty Channels – Let Love In (Featuring Debbie Jacobs)

Dirty Channels always know how to work a good sample and this is no different! I love the idea of keeping the instrumental simple yet effective with a soulful voice on top.

Bob Sinclar – Feel For You

For me, this is the ultimate day-time party track. No matter how many years pass, it still feels super fresh. Rumbling bassline with those iconic clap percussions as the drop kicks in, I just can’t get enough of it!

House Gospel Choir, Adelphi Music Factory – Salvation

I just love what AMF are doing right now, I find their sound very similar to mine. How can you go wrong when you top it with House Gospel Choir on top of that?

April 26, 2022