Top 5 Tracks | Kronos Device

We caught up with the duo that form Kronos Device to see what their Top 5 Electro tracks are. As the duo couldn’t decide on 5 between them, they have decided to pick 5 each.

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Phil Klein Top 5 Electro Tracks

1980s – Unknown & Three D – Beatronic 

It’s so hard to pick a favourite from this era as this is where it all started and there are some truly amazing trax out there. I went with this one as it often gets overlooked and doesn’t feature on any compilations I’m aware of. The Unknown DJ, one of my favourite producers and in particular his X-Men project is, along with Dynamix II, the main reason I started making Electro/Bass trax of my own back in 1988.

1990s – Buckfunk 3000 Planet Shock Future Rock

When I first heard this I was at a Warehouse party and somebody had a promo. It blew me away when that robotic bassline dropped in. Amazing track that still sounds fresh today.

2000s – The Advent & Industrialyzer – Hybrid (AD-IN Mix)

There’s so much quality, pumping Electro out there from Cisco but this one with Industrialyzer takes the top spot for me. It’s more structured than his usual style and I think that is what sets it apart.


2010s – Locked Club – Russian Banya

Really tough, peak hour Electro from Moscow.

Relentless and full of energy, just as it should be. Killer!

And his favourite Kronos Device track…

Kronos Device – Kill Switch

I chose this track because this was the first time we put a serious message in our music. Instead of focusing on robotic war torn futures KD went for a different angle with this release and I am very pleased with the results. It was also the first time I didn’t vocode or pitch shift my voice and also the first time we made a video.

Simon Brown Top 5 Electro Tracks

1980s – Hashim – We’re Rocking The Planet – (Cutting Records)

It’s hard for me to pick one track from the 80s as there is so many amazing tunes. This track by Hashim – famous for the classic tune, Al Naafiysh (The Soul) still stands it’s ground and could easily fit into a set of current Electro.

1990s – Sem – Symmetron – (Electron Industries)

In the early nineties I became obsessed with J Saul Kane’s Electron Industries imprint, which was responsible for releasing tunes by Kane’s own Octagon Man alias, Eon, Carl Finlow, Daz Quayle – and this, which is Damon Baxter’s (Deadly Avenger) Electro alter ego. He only released two ep’s, but both are equally outstanding. This one stands out to me asnd has never really left my box.

2000s – Zeta Reticula – EP2 Untitled A1 – (Electrix Records)

Umek’s Electro side project, released on Billy Nasty’s Electrix label in 2000. To this day this this track is an absolute floor destroyer. Still play it a lot and always get asked what it is. Pure Electro-Techno dance floor savagery.

2010s – The Exaltics – Some Other Place Vol. 2 – (Clone West Coast Series)

Totally love this track by The Exaltics from 2014. Sounds like it could have been some obscure Gerald Donald project. It’s all about those lush strings.

And his favourite Kronos Device track…

Atom Smasher – (Battle Trax)

Off of our Dynamic Devices EP on Battle Trax. This one is a firm favourite of mine and very rarely leaves the box. Produced in 2008 and released in 2010 when I was living on Phil’s sofa for a year, due having a badly broken ankle.

May 18, 2020