Top 5 Tracks – Sonnee

A few weeks back we caught up with Sonnee ahead of his debut 4 track EP ‘Your Love‘, which is out now on Attack Decay Sweet Release. We spoke to see what his top 5 tracks are that first got him involved in underground music.

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Caribou – Can’t Do Without You 

What a tune! I love how the repeated vocal kind of morphs into different phrases & the crescendo at the end! Remember having this on a loop when I was 17.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal 

I mean this one is a journey, running to this tune is a dream & have this one blasting during many long car journeys.

Ross From Friends – John Cage 

Another journey of a tune. I love the vocal sample here, I find it really comforting despite it being pitched around so, so much.

O’Flynn – Sunspear 

Always my favourite tune when DJing, its energy is just infectious. Can’t but smile listening to this one. 

Sofia Kourtesis – La Perla 

The Spotify algorithm served me this one 5 mins of pure bliss, feelings of long summer nights. 

May 26, 2022