Touchdown – The Archer

We talk to artists as they touchdown in a new city to play a show. We spoke with The Archer prior to his performance at EDC Festival in Las Vegas.

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Q1. So, tell us where you departed from and landed into today?

Los Angeles to Las Vegas!

Q2. Is this a one-off show, or part of a bigger tour? (If a tour, tell us where you have been so far) 

One off show and then a last minute set tomorrow at Ayu Day Club at Resorts World.

Q3. What venue are you playing tonight and who else is on the line up?

EDC Las Vegas, along with Boris Brejcha, Charlotte De Witte, Dennis Cruz, Burko, Eric Prydz, Chris Lake and seemingly every other amazing DJ/producer!

Q4. What is one item you can’t travel without?

A good book on audible – right now its Sadhguru – Inner Engineering

Q5. Tell us your typical gig schedule – do you get to see much of the places you visit?

I make a point of setting aside time to enjoy anywhere I play.

Q6. One thing you hate about being on the road?

Down time where I am limited in what I can do. I get bored easily.

Q7. Finally, tell is the worst / funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst on the road?

I left my headphones at a gig the night before (the next DJ asked to borrow them and never gave them back and/or I didn’t ask for them back) and. The next night, I got a last minute (literally) gig to play a closing set. I needed headphones and asked the many DJs there if I could borrow theirs.

No one would help. Out of nowhere this DJ shows up and said I heard you need to borrow headphones. It was MK, Marc Kinchen! He heard about my problem and went all the way to his room to get his. Such a nice human and what a story! Of course, I crushed it and was offered the opportunity to come back and play. Kindness always wins!

June 8, 2022