Touchdown – Victor Ruiz

We recently caught up with Victor ahead of his performance in Amsterdam. He also has a 4 track EP out now on Adam Beyer’s record label, Drumcode.

Victor Ruiz’sBeirut’ EP is out now on Drumcode:

Q1. So, tell us where you departed from and landed into today?

Just arrived in Amsterdam, from Budapest (without sleep 😂)

Q2. Is this a one-off show, or part of a bigger tour? (If a tour, tell us where you have been so far) 

It’s a two gigs weekend in Europe. Playing Live at two festivals. One in Hungary and one in The Netherlands.

Q3. What venue are you playing tonight and who else is on the line up?

I’m playing at Mystic Garden Festival in Amsterdam, on their 10 years anniversary. Super excited to be back in this city. I’ll be playing before with my good friends Secret Cinema and Luigi Madonna.

Q4. What is one item you can’t travel without?

h, that’s easy, My noise cancelling headphones. I even have two of them – just in case. I have the Airpods, which I use the most, and a spare Bose Headphones. I’m very sensitive to sound and especially on airplanes I like to be somewhat quiet, or listening to relaxing music or a good audiobook. Especially today considering I didn’t sleep after my gig and had a full flight which kids screaming, the noise cancelling headphones are a must!

Q5. Tell us your typical gig schedule – do you get to see much of the places you visit?

It depends, really. If it’s in Europe, where I’m based, it’s mostly in and out. I arrive in the city, go to the hotel (sometimes Airport Hotel for best commodity), eat / rest a bit, then go to the show, back to the hotel or even directly to the airport. It depends on the logistics. In summer it gets more hectic.

If it’s a tour overseas in the US, South America or Australia for example, I try to stay a few extra days to get to know the place a bit and also to rest after the long travel. It’s honestly the best part of the job, these extra days, where you get to know a new culture, new people, new food. I love it!

Q6. One thing you hate about being on the road? 

I don’t hate anything. What I don’t love is not having a routine that allows me to do “normal” things constantly for a longer time. Having to adapt to life on the road it still a big challenge for me, like exercising, eating healthy. I am still tackling that. Also missing some important events with family and friends.

Q7. Tell us the worst / funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst on the road?

The craziest things definitely happened in South America. There was this time in Argentina when I had a driver to take me and my tour manager Carlos after the gig, from Rosario to Buenos Aires (4h drive approx.).

During the first 10 minutes he almost fell asleep many times and almost crashed the car. We made him stop at a gas station to “drink a coffee” and me and Carlos took his car key and said that we’d drive. My lovely tour manager drove the whole way, without sleep, super careful and effectively. The worst? Since Carlos was driving, the driver didn’t sleep anymore. Maybe he was concerned about his car LOL.

There was another time in Brazil that I missed a flight and had to ask a friend to drive me 600km to the gig. We ran by a horse on the way. But that story I’ll keep for the next time. 

Q8. Finally, what new music do you have coming up in your schedule that you can tell us about?

I have a new EP coming out on Drumcode named ‘Beirut’. It’s a four tracks release, which has a lot of my musical identity. Melodic, energetic, introspective, crazy, emotional and intense. The title track is a homage to my favourite city on the planet, Beirut. It’s a beautiful journey with a lot of energy and emotion. ‘Confession’ is harder and crazier.

With a synth line that was inspired from Cirez D, Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails, accompanied by some special vocals. ‘Jurema’ is strong, organic and rustic. I tried to transmit an idea as if you were in the middle of the forest in Brazil. The vocals are in Portuguese and talk about a famous spiritual tree from my home country.

Last, but not least (at all), ‘Omen’. This is a proper rave track for big crowds. It has melodies and lots of energy. The single ‘Beirut’ is already available for streaming in all platforms, by the way.

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July 8, 2022